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Data Science & Analytics We work with you to transform your organization,
driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.
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We provide sustainable smart solutions and
clear analysis for decision makers
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What we do

Konnektom Data Works as a data science and software solution provider offers data science services to companies/industries. Konnektom Data Works also offers custom software solutions in major industries, we currently have a range of amazing products.

What we love to do

We love to find out hidden patterns in data sets and test their reliability with math.<br /> We prefer to use the word Patternality instead of causality.

What we offer

Work Load Automation

We offer you an all in one solution to moving your business online.

Data Pipelines

We help you create data, preprocessing and processing pipelines.

Financial Data Interpretation

We help you collect and examine your financial data.

Consumer Data Interpretation

We help you understand how customers interact with your business.
Some of our services

Build better business software a lot faster and easier with Konnektom Data Works.